Smart Gradient PCR Thermal Cycler DW-T960

General Details

1.Convenient and flexible module replacementmodel
2.PCR Instrument
3.7-inches LCD touchscreen
4.Linked with PC
5.Memory function

Feature :
Convenient and flexible module replacementmode.
Sealed sample design for low temperaturepreservation, clean and dry.
Two-stage hot lid pressure regulator, ensuresgood sealing performance.
Gold-plated or silver-plated module, improvesthe efficiency of heat conduction, makes the experiment more effective.
Large high-definition 7-inches LCD touchscreen.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface,makes programming quick and easy.
Infinitely adjustable lid knob, suitablefor various types of the tube..
Memory function in case of power-down..
Supporting users to set the appointment ofexperiments, also support the function of setting the alarm.
Heated lid could be stopped at any angle.
Supporting the function of selecting the pre-supposedcommon program.
Hard disk and mouse can be linked, so youcan operate with touch or mouse.
Linked with PC for its multiple control.
Can automatically read the ambienttemperature and modify the error of temperature control.
Supporting the function of TM valuecalculation.
Long distance trouble judgment.
Achieve Circulation nesting.
110-220v international general voltage.

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