SZ650/680/SZ810 SZ Series Stereo Zoom Microscope

General Details


Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

Outstanding Ergonomic Design
● SZ680/780 35°viewing angle, SZ650 40°viewing angle, suitable for long-term sitting observation.
● 330mm×300mm big stand, high stability , apply to all kinds of anatomy of specimen.

Top Optical & Mechanical Design
● Greenough optical system, built-in rotating shaft zoom system.
● No tilting Image in left &right light path in complete pupillary distance , No dizziness feeling after long time observing.
● (patent number: 201320807246.0)
● Stereo angle for left & right light path is 12°, stereoscopic effect, large viewing field, high zoom ration.

Excellent Technology And Quality
● High resolution, large depth of field, excellent color restoration and contrast.
● Operation comfortable(manufactured by high-precision machine, excellent assembly technology ).
● High- end material(PC resin cover, aluminium alloy ,copper alloy parts, austenite stainless steel driving parts).

International Level Appearance Design
● Elegant shape , high-end and integrated appearance design, comfortable operation.

Various Accessories,Complete Function.
● Different video output connectors, built-in digital image model.
● Illumination optional: LED, halogen lamp, cold light source etc. (100V-240V wide voltage input).
● Various professional stands and operating attachments.

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