Table Top High Speed Centrifuge-BKC-TH18I、BKC-TH21WC

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Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
High speed centrifuge is mainly used for bacterial separation, protein precipitation, nucleic acid extraction, sub-cellular components and other smaller molecular separation, high speed centrifuge has greater centrifugal force, with different Angle rotor, 10 speed up and down.

  • BKC-TH18I:two-stage shock absorption.
  • BKC-TH21WC:multi-stage shock absorption.

  • OLED screen display, speed, time, centrifugal force, speed, centrifugal time intuitive display.
  • Embedded microcomputer processor for precise control.
  • Intelligent induction door lock, emergency unlock function and overspeed, imbalance protection.
  • DC brushless motor, no dust pollution, maintenance-free.
  • The body adopts high quality steel, the middle layer is equipped with explosion-proof protective sleeve,

    built-in stainless steel ventricle, three layers of protection, safe and reliable.


BKC-TH18I is suitable for medical, bio-pharmaceutical, agricultural science, environmental protection and other scientific research units, university laboratories.

BKC-TH21WC is widely used in centrifugal applications of molecular biology, clinical medicine, genetic biology, protein nucleic acid and PCR experiments.

Max Speed 18500rpm 21000rpm
Max.RCF 23900×g 23900×g
Max Capacity 6*50ml
Speed Precision ±1% or ±20rpm
Time Range 1~999min
Power Supply Standard:AC220V50/60Hz Optional: AC110V50/60Hz
Consumption 500W 600W
Noise ≤65dB(A)
External Size(L*W*H) 510*360*300mm 490*350*280mm
Package Size(L*W*H) 570*420*360mm 550*410*340mm
Net/Gross Weight 39kg/41kg 25kg/27kg
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