Touch Screen Anaerobic Incubator LAI-3T

General Details

Anaerobic incubator is a special device that can cultivate and operate bacteria in anaerobic environment. It can provide strict anaerobic state, constant temperature culture conditions and a systematic and scientific working area. In this device, it can cultivate anaerobic organisms that are difficult to grow, and avoid the risk of death caused by contacting with oxygen when anaerobic organisms are operating in the atmosphere, Therefore, the device is an ideal equipment for anaerobic biological detection research.
1.Microprocessor controller. Large color touch screen, accurately control temperature and gas in incubator.
2.The system adopts high precision temperature sensors, oxygen sensor, temperature control module and analog module to ensure high accuracy, good stability and high security, real-time monitoring of process data.
3.UV Sterilizer,effectively prevent bacterial contamination.
4.Switch control for solenoid valve, it can accurately adjust the flow and input any necessary gas.
5.Stainless steel cultivation and operation room.
6.Transparent impact-resistant glass front window for easy observation.
7.Latex gloves are comfortable and reliable,easy to use.
8.Operation room is equipped with deoxidization catalyst.
9.Designed with a double widen door, which can put more petri dishes.
10.Imported oxygen sensors can observe oxygen concentration in the operating room at any time.
11.Equipped with leakage protection.
12.The operating room is equipped with special inoculating rod sterilizer and wax melting disinfection device.
13.With USB interface, can store 6 months of data.

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