Veterinary Patient Monitor PM6000V

General Details

The PM6000V is a cost-effective, multi-parameter patient monitor, providing a reliable measurement on patient’s SpO2, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure, temperature, 5-lead/3-lead electrocardiography (ECG) and respiration rate. Integ-rated sidestream technology ensures that the monitor can be used with intubated and non-intubated patients. 12.1 inch large display assures easy viewing of waveforms, numeric values and on-screen trending data for demanding veterinary facilities.
1. 12.1 inch large-sized screen with high-tech white and black color.
2. Unique designed LOGO for veterinary use only.
3. Veterinary specific accessories to accommodate a variety of species.
4. Expanded heart rate range for the veterinary environment.
5. Widely used in pet hospitals and animal clinics etc.
6. Special designed SpO2 technology with adjustment emitting light and a wide range measurement for veterinary.
7. Special designed ECG technology with high input impedance to fit different size of veterinaries.
8. Special designed NIBP technology with different size of NIBP cuffs for veterinaries.
9. Support both Mainstream and Sidestream technologies.

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