Veterinary Pulse Oximeter UPM60V

General Details

The uPM60V Veterinary Pulse Oximeter is a low cost monitor for spot checking, continuous, noninvasive monitoring or recording of functional oxygen saturation of arterial SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength. It may be used in the veterinary hospital or clinical environment. The oximeter works with given sensors providing SpO2 and pulse rate on a variety of veterinaries like horses, dogs and cats etc with adjustable alarm limits as well as visible and audible alarm signals.
■ 3.5’Large size color touch screen(optional),320X480pixels.
■ Turn off automatically for power saving.
■ Uses Lithium battery.
■ Three measurement modes: spot-check, monitoring and record.
■ Continuous storage of data for 999 patient data in 120 hours.
■ Data can be stored on a computer and managed, analyzed and printed by using the ODMS system.
■ Silent sleep monitoring, with data storage and automatic power-saving features for patients with 24 hours uninterrupted care.
■ Expanded heart rate values and veterinary specific SpO2 sensors to accommodate a variety of species.

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