Vortex Mixer BJPX-VW​

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Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Used for liquid, liquid-solid, solid (powder) mixing, the vortex mixer can mix any liquid and powder in the form of whirlpool. The mixing speed is fast, uniform, thorough. Widely used in environmental monitoring, medical and health, petrochemical, food, metallurgy, PCR laboratory, scientific research and production enterprises laboratory, laboratory, for mixing, extraction and biological, biochemical, cell, strain and other sample oscillation culture.

    * The shell is white and gray, beautiful and atmospheric.

    * New type of DC brushless motor, stepless adjustment, low noise and long effect.

    * Digital display to ensure the accuracy of time and speed.

    * Time and speed adjustment response is fast, saving experiment time.

    * Solid and reliable workmanship, excellent shock absorption, suitable for high-speed operation.

    * A variety of models and accessories are available.

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