Rotary Evaporator BK-RE-1A

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Product origin CHINA
Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
The rotary evaporator is made according to the principle of constant temperature heating and film evaporation under vacuum and negative pressure. The rotary evaporator uses stepless speed regulation to make the glass rotating bottle rotate at a constant speed, and the materials form a large area uniform film on the bottle wall.
Then, the rotating bottle is evenly heated by the intelligent constant temperature water bath, evaporated at a high speed under vacuum, and the solvent vapor is cooled by the high-efficiency glass condenser and recycled in the collection bottle.
Mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.

  1. Electronic adjustment of speed and time(MX-RL-Pro).
  2. LCD display indicates the speed and time for MX-RL-Pro.
  3. Speed range from10 to 70rpm(MX-RL-Pro),adjustable speed range from 0 to 80 rpm(MX-RL-E).
  4. Material of the tube holder: Stainless steel with oxidation coating (MX-RL-E), Stainless Steel (MX-RL-Pro).
  5. Material of the clip: Plastic (MX-RL-E), Stainless Steel (MX-RL-Pro).
  6. Three clip sizes are selectable, suit for the tubes: 1.5ml, 15ml, 50ml.
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