Washer Disinfector (Lab Automatic Glassware Washer) BKX-CQS-120

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Product origin CHINA

Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply
Washer Disinfector can thoroughly wash and dry items. It is suitable for cleaning and drying of sample bottles, test tubes, beakers, pipettes, triangular flasks, volumetric flasks, etc. in various laboratories such as pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutes, environmental protection, water systems, petrochemical systems, and power systems.

  • High degree of cleanliness.
  • Adopt PLC microcomputer control technology. Standard printer and 7-inch color LCD touch screen.
  • Complete protection functions: the door cannot be opened during operation to ensure safe use; dual temperature protection of water temperature and air temperature; power failure protection function; water seal design of drainage pipeline to prevent reverse flow of sewage; installed with leak-proof detection, if liquid leakage is detected, The program is cancelled, the inlet valve is closed, and the drain pump is started.
  • Efficient drying: The in-situ drying system uses compressed hot air to enter the cleaning chamber and the interior of the utensils, which can thoroughly dry the utensils and the pipeline of the washing machine. Built-in HEPA high-efficiency filter to ensure the cleanliness of dry air. Synchronize the drying water circulation pipeline to avoid the wet pipeline contaminating the cleaning system.

Cleaning Procedure:

  • Standard procedure: meet the general contaminant blood cleaning.
  • Quick cleaning program: meet the cleaning of lightly polluted utensils.
  • Customized cleaning program: According to different cleaning needs, users can customize the combined cleaning program.
  • Drying program: Equipped with a high-performance drying system, which can quickly complete the drying and cleaning of various instruments.
  • Manual test procedure: self-check the operation status of each component of the equipment.
Model BIOBASE-Silver
Reading cuvette Quartz cuvette; Both through cell and direct reading cuvette
Incubating positions 20 incubating positions
Photometric System Light source: 6V, 10W long life halogen lamp
Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm
Filters: 340/405/450/510/546/578/630nm, 2 more open filter positions
Measuring System Measuring range: 0~3.500O.D.
Photometric linearity: ±2% from 0 to 2.500 O.D.
Photometric accuracy: ±2% from 0 to 2.500 O.D.
Drift<0.005 O.D.
Incubator Temperature R.T. 25℃, 30℃, 37℃
Display Touch Screen
Control Precision: ±0.1℃
Printer RS-232, USB
Interface Built-in thermal printer
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 60/50Hz
External Size(W*D*H) 400*380*200mm
Gross Weight 12kg
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