XDGM-20 Optional Vaccum Pump

General Details


Diaphragm vacuum pump is designed according to the principle of positive displacement pump. Driven by the motor, the connecting rod moves up and down continuously, which makes the diaphragm open and close. In this way, the change of diaphragm chamber volume makes the medium pressure change and drives the inhale and discharge. So that the vacuum condition is formed inside the connected instruments.
Key technology:
*Teflon compound diaphragm which has strong anti-corrosion capability.
*Fatigue resistance property which effectively prolongs the service life of diaphragm pump. Without oil mist pollution.
*Compared with rubber disphragm pump, Teflon compound diaphragm pump is better in sealing, anti-corrosion and durability.
Features and advantages:
1) Can resist strong chemical corrosion.
2) Pollution and maintenance free.
3) Low noise and vibration.
4) Over temperature protection.
1) Rotary evaporator
2) Vacuum drying oven
3) Reduced pressure distillation
4) Solid phase extraction
5) Freeze dryer
6) Vacuum concentration.


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